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Infographic: Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester FRP Door

Learn More About How Fiberglass and Aluminum Innovations Can Benefit Your Facility

Your building’s first impression is its entrance doors and all who enter touch those doors. Is your visitor’s first impression one of cleanliness, safety, and welcome?

Traditional options for schools, universities, and government entrances show the abuse they receive. These doors waste maintenance hours. They need frequent repairs, repainting, and replacement, and often have hardware malfunctions. Are your traditional hollow metal or wood doors eco-friendly? Do they lack the thermal performance to save on heating and cooling costs?

These reasons may have you contemplating the investment of a more modern solution for a long, maintenance-free life: FRP. You may also hear them called Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester doors or FRP Aluminum Hybrid doors. These doors deliver the ideal combination of benefits which we’ve detailed in this FRP Door Infographic (select image for PDF):

Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester FRP Doors Infographic

The SL-17 fiberglass door has swept the education market, becoming synonymous with “school door.” Special-Lite has also met the demand for custom options to suit aesthetics desired by many different industries!

Our doors prove to be an excellent value for building owners. As a result, many door companies try to imitate, but never replicate, the design and materials. Contact us today about the unique construction and proprietary materials that make Special-Lite the most specified FRP door!



Shelby Watkins

Shelby Watkins

Shelby Watkins is a Marketing and Graphic Technician at Special-Lite, her day typically includes blog content, email marketing, graphic design, sample and literature fulfillment, Special-Lite's social media, and lots of coffee!

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