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Special-Lite Aluminum Flush Doors, Aluminum Doors and FRP Doors

Special-lite was founded in 1971 and pioneered the use of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) material for door skins - becoming first producer of Heavy Duty, Abuse and Corrosion resistant Hybrid entrances in the early 1980s. Today, Special-Lite is the largest volume producer of FRP doors in the U.S. and were the first to earn GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification, including the stringent GOLD certification formerly known as the Children & Schools Standard. Based in Decatur, Michigan, Special-Lite manufactures engineered architectural products which includes Aluminum Doors, All Fiberglass Doors, FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Doors and Fire-Rated Doors; Aluminum Frames, All Fiberglass Frames and Fire-Rated Frames; Toilet Partitions and Office Door Frame Products for new construction and replacement installations in educational, commercial, institutional, religious, industrial, water treatment and municipal applications.
All across the country, rising enrollment and aging school buildings are driving a boom in the construction of new educational facilities, and the renovation or expansion of old ones. Whether you’re planning new construction or just replacing old doors, Special-Lite® Doors can provide a complete entrance solution.

Since 1971, school architects, contractors and maintenance directors have relied on Special-Lite for heavy-duty aluminum doors, aluminum panels and aluminum frames uniquely suited to the demands of the educational environment. At Special-Lite, we believe new school doors should outlive any bond issue that funded their purchase, and that’s just how we build them. No other door can live and thrive in this environment as well as ours.

A complete line from one source

Special-Lite manufactures a complete line of heavy-duty aluminum flush doors, monumental doors and colonial-style doors, panels, and framing products , including storefront framing. Our doors are available in a wide variety of face sheet materials and finishes, with a range of complementary vision lite kits, pulls, louvers, and accessories to help you create exactly the entrance you need.

Custom Aluminum and Fiberglass Products to suit your own style

Every Special-Lite entrance is a custom solution. We work directly with architects, contractors, and building end-users to create exactly the right entrance for your application. We can match any architectural style, from the classic arch-topped entrance of an ivy-covered dormitory to the sleek, contemporary look of a mall-style high school lobby.

Choose colors that last

We offer a rainbow of color choices in anodized or painted finishes for aluminum. Choose clear, dark bronze Alternatively, black standard anodized colors or three optional colors: Medium bronze, light bronze or champagne. For durability, all Special-Lite anodized finishes are an architectural grade, class 1 (0.7 mil). For painted finishes, select one of twenty established Kynar® colors. Alternatively, we can match the custom color of your choice. Our exclusive SpecLite 3® Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) door face sheets are fade resistant and available in a variety of standard colors. Non-SpecLite 3® FRP face sheets can be painted in any color.

The right combination of durability and aesthetics

Our FRP doors have survived everything from the country’s toughest missile impact test to the country’s roughest students. In fact, they’re so tough they’re hurricane rated. The SpecLite 3 ® finish available on our .120" thick FRP the face sheet is extremely resistant to dents, scratches, scuffs, paint and ink, so even tough stains like graffiti can be removed with environmentally-responsible green cleaners. The chemical resistance of our FRP aluminum doors also makes them ideal for corrosive environments such as pools, Kitchens, labs and boiler rooms. For applications requiring fire ratings, we also offer FRP-clad fire-rated doors with ratings of up to 90 minutes. Special-Lite ® FRP Aluminum Doors are also available in an aesthetically-pleasing, fine-grained sandstone texture in both fire-rated and non fire-rated models. The more subtle texture and less glossy surface make these doors perfect for openings not expected to see heavy abuse or vandalism.

Heavy-duty engineering, right to the core

All Special-Lite entrances are engineered with advanced construction features to outlast our competitors’ look-alike doors. Every aluminum flush door is built extra strong, with aluminum perimeter stiles and rails, hardware reinforcements, mitered corners and full-width galvanized steel tie rods. A minimum of 5 lbs./cu.ft. poured-in-place waterproof urethane foam bonds all door components together to provide a lot of strength and thermal insulation superior to values published for hollow metal doors. Face sheets are locked in place by integral reglets in the door perimeter to create a flush edge without separate screw-applied capping. Special-Lite ® Monumental Doors (Aluminum Stile and Rail Doors) feature the same tie rod joinery plus true mortise and tenon construction for superior durability. Whichever you choose, Special-Lite Doors are the toughest doors you can get.

Manage facilities strategically

Today’s facility managers have a growing list of expectations for architectural and building entry products. Facility entrance security, durability, and energy efficiency are important factors when choosing entrance products. Find a custom solution by Special-Lite® to solve your maintenance issues.

  • Environments that are wet, encounter chemicals, located in a hurricane zone or are subject to high traffic are no problem for Special-Lite.
  • Proximity card readers can be installed inside door for discreet access control and added security.
  • Custom door designs deliver a brand and familiarity for your company.
  • Quality products reduce the cost of maintenance and demands on your time.
  • Reduce and limit energy loss with Special-Lite Doors and Frames.
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Form Follows Function = Function Follows Form

Should you really have to choose between form or function? Determining entrance solutions that support the integrity of the building and the customer’s performance needs should require no compromise.

Special-Lite’s building entry solutions which include doors, hardware, lite kits, glazing and partition systems are built to your custom designs and help to create some of the most magnificent and secure buildings and landmarks.

  • Design custom entrances to complement architectural design.
  • Choose from a variety of entrance textures and colors.
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Your reputation is important to us!

Special-Lite® values our partnership with you and respects your entrance knowledge in providing the best product to your customer. As a manufacturer of quality engineered entrance products, we will enhance your vendor partnerships and services.

Special-Lite has been a leader in delivering engineered products and exemplary customer service for over 40 years. We will never take for granted being the most asked for products for building entry solutions and architectural partition systems. Our products are designed for the high cycle, high corrosive and high abuse environments you encounter in such buildings as:

  • Educational
  • Institutional
  • Restaurant and Retail
  • Office
  • R&D
  • Industrial
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Synthesizing a construction project is tough work!

A General Contractor or Construction Manager must have numerous skills to bring a project to completion on time and within budget. In addition, your obligation does not stop there. General Contractors’ obligations continue to the property owner for a minimum of one year covering workmanship and materials.

When using Special-Lite® products you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about added time and money dealing with substandard products. Your outstanding performance will saturate the entire construction team with honor. Our goal is to assist you in providing a well-engineered, long life Special-Lite product that includes:

  • Entrance systems (doors, hardware, frames, lite kits).
  • Toilet Partition Systems.
Special-Lite will endeavor to bring remarkable elements to your construction team:
  • Superior engineered products.
  • On-time shipments.
  • Products that meet your design AND performance needs.
  • Solid customer support.
  • Trustworthy product warranties.
  • 40+ years of manufacturing excellence.
  • Extraordinary partnership reputation.

We invite you to ask for Special-Lite products and enjoy the experience!

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